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Nissan expands Takata airbag recall by 260,00...

2014-10-22  |  Clicks:5674

 TOKYO (Bloomberg) -- Nissan Motor Corp. expanded a global recall of cars using Takata-made airbags, which have been linked to four deaths in Honda Motor Co. cars.The recalls ...


How Delphi A3 Electronic Unit Injectors be R...

2013-08-09  |  Clicks:103514

The broken parts changed with original spare parts during rebuild process and they make calibration according to their original values.  Rebuilt Process :  - Al...


Deal with Jitter when the engine idle speed i...

2012-02-09  |  Clicks:236769

When the car intake how to rescue?Mr Liao asked readers: some time ago encountered heavy rain, my car came close to water, if the vehicle when water, what means should be taken to ...


Delphi Common Rail System

2012-02-09  |  Clicks:536800

“Delphi is at the forefront of emissions-controlled technology” Delphi Diesel Systems has been involved in Common Rail technology from the beginning. Some of the v...


About diesel fuel injection

2011-02-16  |  Clicks:435469

Fuel injection is a system for mixing fuel with air in an internal combustion engine. It has become the primary fuel delivery system used in automotive petrol engines, having almos...


How to repair fuel injection pump?

2010-07-09  |  Clicks:1006715

The Fuel Pump& Fuel Injection usually located inside or near the fuel tank, the fuel pump's job is twofold: 1) To push fuel from the tank to the injectors, and 2) To ...


why do most cars have gasoline engines?

2010-06-09  |  Clicks:2215531

 Diesel engines have never really caught on in passenger cars. During the late 1970's, diesel engines in passenger cars did see a surge in sales because of the OPEC oil embarg...


10 Best Diesel Engines

2010-06-09  |  Clicks:8815548

1. Rudolph Diesel's First Working EngineThe One That Started It All* Engine Type: Two-stroke, single cylinder* Displacement: 1,200 ci (60.0L)* Bore and Stroke: large x huge* Fuel D...


Classification of diesel fuel injection pump

2010-02-22  |  Clicks:774881

Now the car engine, the fuel pump assembly is usually caused by injection pump, governor and other components installed together to form a whole. One governor is to protect the low...


Diesel Fuel

2010-02-15  |  Clicks:6335771

 Petroleum fuel starts off as crude oil that's naturally found in the Earth. When crude oil is processed at refineries, it can be separated into several different kinds of fue...


Diesel Improvements and Biodiesel

2009-02-20  |  Clicks:456288

 During the big oil crisis in the 1970s, European car companies started advertising diesel engines for commercial use as an alternative togasoline. Those who tried it out were...


How Diesel Engines Work

2008-01-28  |  Clicks:656963

 O­ne of the most popular HowStuffWorks articles is How Car Engines Work, which explains the basic principles behind internal combustion, discusses the four-stroke cycle a...


Diesel Engines vs. Gasoline Engines

2008-01-20  |  Clicks:5635634

 In theory, diesel engines and gasoline engines are quite similar. They are both internal combus­tion engines designed to convert the chemical energy available in fuel int...