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China HengLi Auto Parts Plant

2008/1/18 0:00:00  |  Clicks:  10240074  

CHINA-HENGLI PARTS PLANT is a professional supplier of diesel fuel injection parts.As a professigonal supplier who entered the oil pump nozzle industry earlier,we always pay attention to the production process of diesel fuel injection system of major international companies such as Japan and Germany and the United States,and continue to absorb advanced processing and testing means of major companies such as Japan and Germany and the United States. The appearance of the products and the quality of exquisite packaging can be comparable with similar foreign products.Our company focuses on diesel fuel injection system,has  nearly  ten years of business  history,complete  product varieties,   mainly  concentrated   in  the  automobile,   agricultural   machinery, shipbuilding,construction machinery and other industries of steam and diesel power   accessories,with   independent    research   and   development    ability advantages,  in   the   construction    machinery   class    plungs(A,ADP3000, 7100,8500,EP9,MW      series,etc.),Oil      nozzle(SN,SM,PN,SD,PDN,Russian series,etc.),oil outlet valve(A,P equal volume valve,equal pressure valve),fuel injector(P,S,SD,PDN),pump    head,fuel     injection     pump     assembly    and accessories and other three pairs and two assemblies a total of thousands of models;In China common rail valve assembly,raft,stem,metering unit,electric injection  nozzle,steel  ball,ceramic  ball,hemisphere,repair  kit,ball  seat  and other  Euro  Il,Euro  IV  all  kinds  of  electronic  control  common   rail  engine accessories with low price,good quality,variety and other advantages,CHINA- HENGLI products are the majority of service stations,maintenance customers and dealers of choice!