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Deal with Jitter when the engine idle speed is goi

2012/2/9 10:40:36  |  Clicks:  236769  

When the car intake how to rescue?
Mr Liao asked readers: some time ago encountered heavy rain, my car came close to water, if the vehicle when water, what means should be taken to rescue?
Reply: first of all to check the circuit, because the muddy rainwater is the best conductor, the circuit after the water is likely to cause a short circuit. Second is to check the brake system for water, due to very strong absorption of brake systems, rain water is very easy to enter the brake fluid, affects the braking effect, may be severe caused by brake failure.
30 cm (General is subject to the side skirt parts under the body) below the water level, if the owner does not mistake, damage to vehicles is not significant. If long submerged in more than 30 cm of water level, it may cause harm to the circuit board in the car, flooding will be on the bus, harness connectors, computer modules and cause damage circuit parts, circuit module operations be distorted after oxidation, to be replaced.
Flood depths greater than 50 cm of the vehicle, only replace all electric, circuits, in order to put an end to the pitfalls. If the whole car all or most were flooded, 4S shops needed for comprehensive Assembly and disassembly, cleaning and drying the whole car seat and carpets, and overhaul the whole car electrical equipment, lines, and so on.
Fuel-saving should be pay attention to what issues?
Mr Choi asked for readers: while using the automobile fuel economy, vehicle owners should pay attention to what issues?
Reply: first, do not reduce fuel grade. For gasoline engines, fuel grade represents the oil resistance to detonation of, in General, compression ratio, the higher need to raise fuel grade and higher.
Second, it is not neutral gear taxiing. In fact many models of electronic fuel injection engine technology have been able to do for a vehicle without fuel injection in a belt to keep off the coast State, and if the neutral gear taxiing, the engine will be considered "idle state" while out additional fuel. But for security reasons, when you want to prevent gaps in downhill sliding because there are no engine traction resistance, speed will be faster and faster, if you simply use the foot brake to control the speed causes the increased temperatures could weaken the brakes and brake, and affect braking effect.
Three are deliberately low-speed driving. Drivers intentionally low speed high gear will increase burden on the engine, and low speed will let the engine's combustion is not sufficient to form carbon.
Even started deliberately not to step on the gas in order to save fuel, but slow speed added a burden to public road. The most rational way of driving is to make the engine work speed at manufacturers of more economic speed range.
Engine idling time dithering is going on?
Mr WONG asked for readers: my car is reclined at idle time jitter in the near future, apparent sitting internal energy, in particular the steering wheel, after refueling, jitter disappear. This is what's going on?
Re: recommends you to repair shop instruments tune fault code, again matching the throttle, see if the spark plug and voltage line is damaged, if the above would be all right, check that the engine case is damaged. Generator belt jitter, replace the belt tensioner. Should start speeding up a noise to repair shop maintenance personnel determine accurately is the engine or gearbox is sound.